Friday, April 1, 2011

Pink! it's YOU

I was at the mall with my twin Min Young looking for a pink pajama. I want to wear it during Min Young’s slumber party at her new house. Both of us loved pink so much. But lately Min Young seems to love red more than pink. Good news for me ! now I can have all the pink stuff all to myself.

We walked pass many stores but none seems to attract my attention.

“Mi Ja, can we stop now? At least rest for a while. My feet are tired,” whined Min Young, leaning on glass wall showing that she was absolutely tired.

“aigoo~ there’s still more to look. Please.. Pleaseee let’s go to 3 more shops and I promise you I’ll treat you for lunch,”  I hold her hands and plead for 3 more shops.

“okay then, but please make it quick, my tummy is calling for Bibimbap !”

“ara ara~” I pulled Min Young’s hand and go straight in to a pajama store.

It was like a costume lover’s heaven. There were like 30 different kind of animal pajama and others were normal cute patterned pajamas. I start looking for ones that have pink colors on it. Min Young seems to be happy with the animal pajamas and started trying them. I let her be on her own and focus on what I was looking for. Suddenly my eyes were stunned by a white pajama. It has pink patterns with polka dots on the collar and sleeves.

I walked closer to the pajama and start observing it.

Hyunseung POV :

“junhyung, where do you think you’re going? Come here and help me choose these pajamas,”

“you brought me here for this?” junhyung gave a loud sigh.
“Ya~ stop whining. Come help me choose,” I bought 2 pajamas in my hand.

“can you bring it higher. I can’t see it fully,” junhyung sounded irritated.

“okay okay,” I pulled the pajamas higher than myself to let junhyung see the full view of the pajama. I placed the blue pajama on my right hand and the pink pajama in my left hand.

Suddenly I sensed a nudge on my left. It was from the pajama. I moved my head to see who was it. Then I saw a girl smiling at the pajama that was I was holding.


I touch the pajama with an impressed face. I thought that I have found the right pajama for the party. Then I heard someone greet me.

“hye!” he smiled at me with the pajama still in his hand. He was so tall and good looking.

“err err, hye!” I moved my eyes away from him because I didn’t know he was holding the pajama.

He lowered his hands and gave the pajamas to his friend. I can see the unsatisfied face on his friend but he seemed to ignore it. Then he hand his hand out for a handshake and introduce himself.

“hye, I’m Hyunseung,”

I look back at him and smiled “hye I’m Lee Mi Ja,”

“were you interested with that pajama just now?”

“yeah, kinda. My sister is actually making a slumber party and I needed a new pajama for the event. And the one you were holding just now caught my attention,”

“really? You can have it then,”

“are you sure? You wouldn’t mind?” I asked in a worry tone.

“well I do love it, but if you want it you can have it,”

Feeling guilty, I tried to think of a way for the both of us get to wear the pajama. Then something popped in my mind. I quickly take out my pink cellphone and asked for his phone number. He looked surprised by my sudden reaction and gave his phone number.

“thanks hyunseung, for the pajama and for the phone number,” I bowed as a signature of respecting him.

He bowed back but still have the confused look on his face.

“Mi Ja !” Min Young’s voice broke the silence.

“look what I found. A Moo Moo pajama. This guy helped me choose it. Isn’t it cute?”

I saw Min Young pulling a guy in a cow pajama. His face was familiar.

“junhyung-ah~ where’s my pajama? I asked you to hold it for me,”

No wonder he looked familiar. He was hyunseung’s friend.

“I put it at the counter for reserve. Go and ask for it,”

“ara~ you wait here okay Mi Ja. I’ll be back in a short while,”
“okay,” now I was the one looking confused. What is this guy doing?

I turned to my back when Min Young pulled my hand and asked if the pajama was okay. I nodded and turn back to look for hyunseung.


“hey you, thanks for trying this pajama for me. I’m Min Young by the way,” I forward my hand for a handshake.

“I’m Junhyung, but you can call me oppa. Oh yea, and you’re welcome,” he smirked.

I shouted of happiness in my heart. And couldn’t control but kept smiling.

“so you’re buying this?” he hold up the pajama that he was wearing.”

“yup, I think you can take it off now. If not I have to buy you too,” I giggled.

“why not? Haha. Wait, let me change,” he went into the changing room.

I look around at the other cute costumes. There were costumes of rabbit, panda, tiger and more. Everything was tempting but the cow seems to attract my eyes the most. Then I saw hyunseung talking with Mi Ja. They seem to be exchanging phone numbers because I can see hyunseung gave a ‘call me’ sign to Mi Ja. I can feel someone pat my shoulder and it was junhyung.

“here you go,” junhyung hand me a paper bag.

“what is this?”

“it’s for you, promise me you will wear it for your slumber party, arasso?”

“arassoyo oppa~” my cheeks starts to blush.

“hye Mi Ja, so done with everything?”

“yeah, we’re done here. I guess we’ll meet each other soon?”

“of course,” both junhyung and Hyunseung answered.

We waved goodbye to the boys and walk straight to The Street Café to buy lunch. Min Young ordered for her special menu, Bibimbap. I only ordered some kimbap because I already had breakfast while Min Young woke up just in time for brunch.



“yobosaeyo, hyunseung here. Whose on the other line?”

“HAPPY BIRHDAY HYUNSEUNGIE ! it’s me Mi Ja. Still remember? We met at the pajama store,”

“of course, how are you? How did you know today is my birthday?”

“fine fine, I’m doing well. How about you?” avoiding to answer his question.
“never been better. So what’s up?”

I gulped before I could say anything. Thinking the right phrase to say.

“don’t forget to go out of your house at 12 PM, arasso?”

“huh? Wae? Is there anything you want to give me? Hehe,” he laughed cheekily.

“nope, can’t tell. Just do as I say okay? But promise you won’t peek on the streets before 12PM, arasso?”

“dae dae, ara. Haha you sure are giving me suspense,”

“good then, that was the main idea actually. See you tonight. Bye !”

“bye Mi Ja, thanks for the wish,”

“you’re welcome,” *hang up phone*

“what did he say?” Min young lean her chin on my shoulders.

‘he was excited about it. Can u tell junhyung to help me make hyunseung busy tonight? I’m afraid if he spot us during the process,”

“sure sure, I’m actually texting him right now.”

“thanks Min Young. Okay I need to wrap the gifts for him now,”

“okay,” min young lay on the couch with her handphone in her hands. She kept laughing everytime the phone beeps for message.

“why are you so happy there?”

“look, junhyung oppa actually bought the same moo moo pajama like mine. He send his pic ! isn’t he cute?”
With a slight jealous in me, I spontaneously said “hyunseung looks better tho,”

“fine! He’s still cute to me, hehe,” Min Young seems to enjoy herself with junhyung a lot. Will tonight be a success? I hope he won’t be out till I prepare it all.

THAT NIGHT [11:30]

“Min Young, please call junhyung and make sure he keep hyunseung busy,”

‘Mi Ja, you asked me like 3 times already, junhyung knows what he’s doing. Please be calm,”
“okay okay,” I exhaled heavily, clearing my mind from worries.

[12 PM]

“Mi Ja?” a voice from the gate, it was hyunseung. He was scared to go out in the dark. He peeked his head out from the gate and saw a package. It was wrapped with a metallic pink gift wrapper. Hyunseung open it so fast that he didn’t notice there was something written at the back pf the gift wrapper.

It was the pajama he bought for Mi Ja the other day. He was confused and start picking up the gift wrapper which was on the floor to look for any other thing or note given. Then he noticed a reflection of words with the help of the moonlight. He quickly bring back the package into his house. Looking still confused he asked junhyung if he knows what was going on.

Junhyung who was busy playing the PS3 with the moo moo pajama still on ignored the no-nothing hyunseung.

“nevermind, I’ll figure it out myself,” Hyunseung said loudly but still junhyung seems not to care at all.

Hyunseung went into his room and start to discover the gift wrapper. He flipped it backwards and spread it well on the floor. The note says,

‘Dear Hyunseung,
Sorry for leaving this notice without seeing you. Actually I I have something to tell you. It is something that comes to me since the forst time I saw you holding the pajama in your hands.when you’re reading this, I probably already on my way back to Malaysia . Sorry for not telling you earlier. And sorry for not confrotting you, I hope this gift will be a token of memory for you. Please keep it. And I love you. That’s what I wanted to tell you.
Bye dear friend.
LeeMi Ja.’

 Hyunseung POV :
No wonder junhyung was busy playing the PS3. I bet he’s trying to forget about Min Young too.
I probably should just sleep with this pajama tonight.
I folded the gift wrapper and put it in one of my files on my study table.
I lay on the bed and pulled the blanket up to my neck. I tuck my arms around my pillow and forced myself to sleep. Try to avoid myself from crying.


“boys please be ready in 5 minutes. The photoshoot will start in a while,”

“dae~” the boys respond

“yoseob-ah, why are you only wearing the top pajama?” asked bongsun noona who was busy preparing the boys for the photoshoot.

“I lost it, sorry noona,” made his puppy eyes.

“aigo~ this boy. Go to your favourite Gaeun noona. I have enough 5 boys to handle,” smacking yoseob’s shoulder and pointing to gaeun noona who was busy with her makeup.

‘arraaassssoooyyyyoooooo nooonnnnnaaaaaaa~” yoseob walking unwillingly to gaeun noona.

“okay, shoot time boys,” the PD called them out.

“dae hyung,” the boys walked out.

Junhyung pulled hyunseung on the shoulder said “it was a good thing you choose to wear this, good luck bro.”

“thanks,” hyunseung hold one of the buttons on his pajama and smiled.

He wanted Mi Ja to know that he will always remember her. And he still keep the pajama that she gave him

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