Friday, March 25, 2011


ape itu CINTA aka LOVE..??
love is
when u miss sOmEone n feeling in ur heart juz by remembering dat person..
there's two feeling that people always mistaken..
love and like..
like is when u meet that people u feel apy
but when u meet the person u love,u feel apy,lost,don noe wat to do..n of coz..ur heart feels as if wanna blow up..
when u call the person u like that u didn't hear that person's voice for such a long time,u'll feel apy n can talk as much as you want
but..when u called the person u love that u didn't hear dat person voice for a long time,u'll freeze n donno what to say even though u have mountain of words to say..

what do you thinkk..??
that is what i know..
so far la..
ermmm...i dono how to describe about love..
for me..
love is subjective n people can describe based on what they think..


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